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Unlike cavities and gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease), teeth stains cannot always be prevented with excellent hygiene. In fact, your teeth can begin to lose their youthful and stain-free shine simply from years of exposure to your foods and beverages. Fortunately, in many cases, the stains that accumulate on your teeth’s surfaces can be erased with professional teeth-whitening.

Why Not an Over-the-Counter Option?

The desire for brighter, stain-free teeth is common enough that you can find an almost innumerable number of teeth-whitening options at most pharmacies and grocery stores. While they can promise amazing results, the effects of over-the-counter (OTC) whitening products are often less than satisfactory. If you overuse the products, however, the chemicals can still cause permanent damage to your teeth, making them potentially more harmful than beneficial.

The Convenience of Professional Teeth Whitening

At-Home Treatment

Because teeth stains occur so commonly, our professional teeth-whitening options are designed to make your brighter smile more attainable. Combining the convenience of OTC products with the power of professional cosmetic dentistry, our take-home teeth-whitening kits consist of a custom-made set of trays that fit comfortably over your teeth. The trays allow you to evenly apply the professional-strength whitening gel, and are typically worn for an hour or more a day for 10-14 days.

In-Office Treatment

When you need, or prefer, a brighter smile in a hurry, the Keelan Dental staff can perform an in-office whitening treatment in a single visit, usually lasting about an hour. During your visit, the staff will carefully apply the bleaching gel to your teeth, then stimulate the gel with a special light that activates the whitening agents. You can leave our office the same day with a significantly brighter smile, and you can also opt for a take-home kit to conveniently touch up teeth stains in the future.

Took my daughter here today for the first time. She loved the whole experience! Everyone was so very nice and I will definitely recommend this place!
– Diana D.


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Convenient, Custom Teeth Whitening Treatments

Boost your smile’s appeal, and your overall confidence, with a convenient professional teeth whitening treatment! Schedule a cosmetic consultation today by calling our dental office in Butler, PA today at (724) 285-4153. Our Smile Certified experts happily serve patients from Butler, Cranberry Township, Mars, Pittsburgh, Butler County, and all surrounding communities.