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Bouncing Back from Tooth Loss with a Bridge

Losing a tooth is something that most people hope they never experience, but many people do. Typically, tooth loss is a greater danger as you grow older. However, it isn’t an age-related issue, nor is it one that your smile can’t recover from. In fact, many patients who lose a tooth (or multiple adjacent teeth) can recover from the loss with a custom-designed dental bridge. Made to fit the precise and unique measurements of your smile, a bridge is crafted from highly lifelike materials, such as porcelain. The appliance can help your smile recover its youthful, attractive appearance as well as its health and proper function. (more…)

How to Keep Teeth Bright After Whitening

The best thing about professional teeth-whitening is that it can help you quickly and effectively erase stains that dramatically affect your smile’s appearance. This means you can improve your smile without having to undergo extensive cosmetic treatment. However, over time, the results of your teeth-whitening treatment can fade as stains begin to appear on your teeth again. While you can always brighten them again, you can also extend the results of your teeth-whitening treatment by doing more to prevent or slow down teeth stains from showing up again. (more…)

The Common Cause Behind Most Jaw Pains

When your lower jaw (mandible) opens, closes, and moves about, the joints that connect it to your skull have to move at the same time. Otherwise, these temporomandibular joints (TMJs) can’t operate as smoothly and efficiently as they’re supposed to. As a result, you may experience a broad range of aches and pains, from chronic jaw discomfort to recurring headaches and migraines, and more.  Known as TMJ disorder, a dysfunction in one or both jaw joints is the most common cause behind jaw pain and other related symptoms. Therefore, TMJ treatment is the most common way to find permanent relief from such aches and pains. (more…)

All the Things Dental Implants Support

Dental implant posts, which are inserted into your jawbone, are best known for their ability to support any size dental prosthesis with the same reliability as healthy teeth roots. With one or more implant posts in place, your dental crown, bridge or denture will more closely mimic your healthy, natural teeth than ever before. However, dental implants support much more than patients often realize, which makes them much more beneficial in the long-run than you may have believed. (more…)

Need Root Canal Treatment? You Should Know This

No one likes to be told that their dental health is in bad shape, much less that they need root canal therapy to fix it. However, despite the fact that needing root canal treatment means your tooth is severely infected, it also means you still have a chance to save it and avoid needing tooth extraction and replacement. If you need root canal treatment, then you should know these few things about the benefits of the procedure and how you can protect the tooth and your smile afterward. (more…)

Questions About Invisalign® Treatment

One of the main reasons people choose Invisalign® treatment is because the aligners are highly discreet. Compared to conspicuous metal braces, they make a much more esthetically pleasing alternative to straightening crooked teeth. However, given the many complications that can arise from ignoring crooked teeth, the best thing about Invisalign® is the fact that it helps more people enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatment. If your teeth are misaligned but you’re hesitating to correct them because of metal braces, then ask your dentist about Invisalign® clear aligners and whether you’re a good candidate for them. (more…)

Getting to Know Cavities Better

More people experience cavities in their lives than any other dental health issue. Yet, even if you’ve had one, there is much information about the condition that you might not realize. For instance, even if you’ve had your cavity treated, your teeth are still at risk of developing more. Also, if the tooth that has been treated becomes decayed again, then a filling might be enough to save it the next time. Today, we help you get to know cavities better so you can be more successful in protecting your smile from them. (more…)

Common Treatments for Chronic Toothaches

When many people experience a chronic toothache, they may try a wide variety of home remedies in their quest to alleviate it. The problem is, the pain always comes back, and it’s often worse than it was before. That’s because most chronic toothaches are caused by an underlying problem with your tooth or its surrounding tissues, and such problems grow worse the longer they’re left untreated. Today, we examine two common treatments that your dentist can use to address the cause of your toothache, which in many cases, turns out to be progressive tooth decay. (more…)

The Benefits of Partial and Full Dentures

When people first invented dentures, they were to rebuild entire dental ridges that have lost all of their teeth. Today, dentures still accomplish that purpose, but they can also help patients regain their smiles when they still have some healthy, natural teeth remaining. Traditionally, placing a full denture would have required extracting those teeth to make room for the prosthesis. However, today’s partial dentures can be precisely designed and crafted to complement existing teeth so patients can enjoy new, full smiles without having to sacrifice the healthy tooth structure that remains. (more…)

3 Concerns that Veneers Can Address Quickly

Some cosmetic smile concerns don’t take much to correct. For instance, if your teeth are stained, then there’s a good chance that you can erase them quickly and with little effort with the help of professional teeth-whitening. Some concerns, however, may be more extensive, and therefore, require more involved treatment. Nevertheless, even complex smile issues can often be addressed quickly and conveniently with the help of highly lifelike porcelain veneers. Unlike other cosmetic options, veneers are designed specifically to revamp your tooth’s appearance by upgrading its visible structure, rather than just addressing only one specific issue. (more…)